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Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2005, Amsterdam September 29 - October 2

Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2005 





Build your professional portfolio and expose your knowledge and experience to a wide audience. Edit your presentation whenever you think you should do so.  We are a place that is regularly visited by thousands of media people that are searching for professionals to hire. Our online portfolios service is designed for photographers, journalists, writers, freelancers and other media professionals. Beside our "Advertise your Services" option, there are two additional, exclusive types of online presentations at europepress.com.
  1. Portfolios intended to present professionals and freelancers from the print media, broadcasting industry and new media. There is no better way to show your expertise. We have developed the state of the art application that will help you control your pro-career. This option costs just $40 per year but. Click here to see more information on how to build your online Portfolio.
  2. Portfolios specifically designed for Photographers and their world of vision. Here, you can present examples of your work in a highly innovative way. This option is available but not mandatory, meaning that photographers can still make a standard portfolio (without images). If you select to build a Photo presentation, you will be able to upload up to 12 images, which can be updated whenever you choose to do so. Our NEW price for an annual subscription is set at $50 USD. Exhibit your work to the world, gain recognition, sell your images...Click here to see a sample Photo Portfolio. 

Please fill in the form on this page carefully. Before you submit it, review all information once again. Follow the instructions to finish the subscription process. Fields with * are mandatory. 

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