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Iann Parry award 2006

Ian Parry was a talented photojournalist at the beginning of his career, when he was tragically killed whilst on assignment for The Sunday Times in December 1989. As the youngest of four children from Prestatyn, north Wales, Ian was determined from an early age to pursue a serious career in newspaper photojournalism and joined the local Rhyl Journal as a trainee at the age of 16. After studying on Sheffield's NCTJ course, he moved to London to secure his dream and joined The Sunday Times as a staff photographer. On one of his first major assignment to cover the war in Romania, a job he was determined to undertake, the plane carrying him home crashed just after take off in bad weather. 

"He was one of the finest young photographers to have entered Fleet Street in recent years. He had a great deal of personal discipline, which he combined with flair, imagination and tremendous compassion", said Aidan Sullivan, who set up The Ian Parry Scholarship in his memory. 

Tributes to Ian have come from every picture editor he worked for. "He could turn his hand to anything and had great potential. We often sent him on long, difficult jobs and there was never a squeak of complaint," said Michael Young of The Times. 




Vicente Jaime ¡°VJ¡± Villafranca - Ian Parry award 2008 Vicente Jaime ¡°VJ¡± Villafranca is 26 years old and a former photojournalism student at the Asian Center for Journalism, Ateneo De Manila University. His portfolio of twelve black and white images followed the lives of gang members of the Chinese Mafia Crew living in downtown Manila. VJ lives and now works in Manila as a freelance photographer and has won various awards during and since leaving college. ¡°The scholarship serves as an important role around the world to assist young photographers working on their personal projects. I will be using the money I have won to fund an upcoming project in Myanmar¡±


Highly Commended: Gianni Cipriano
Matt Eich
Gratiane de Moustier

The Ian Parry Scholarship was created by his friends and family in order to build something positive from such a tragic death. Each year we hold an international photographic competition for young photographers who are either attending a full-time photographic course or are under 24. Entrants must submit examples of their work from their portfolio and a brief synopsis of a project they would undertake if they won. The prize consists of £3000 towards their chosen assignment £500 to those awarded Highly Commended and Commended.

In addition to this, the World Press Photo automatically accepts the winner onto its final list of nominees for the Joop Swart Masterclass in Amsterdam. This is a significant prize for any photographer and continued with the support of the Sunday Times Magazine, which publishes all the finalist¡¯s work; the scholarship provides an excellent launch into a professional career in photography. Year after year, the award has highlighted the work of some of the industry¡¯s finest emerging talent, all of whom have progressed into professional careers and still support the award.

The judging was held at the Frontline Club on the 1st July. We would like to thank them and the following judges for their expertise and patience during the task of choosing the finalists ¨C an increasingly difficult job given that the number of entries grows each year:

Tony Chambers, Wallpaper* magazine Editor-in-Chief
Steve Blogg/ Getty Images 
Jonas Bendiksen, Magnum Photos & past winner
Ian¡¯s family Ruth, John and Charles
Cheryl Newman, Telegraph magazine Photography Director
Tom Stoddart/ Trustee
Harriet Logan, past winner
Stephen Reid, Sunday Times magazine Art Director

¡°This year¡¯s entries were the highest standard I have ever witnessed, making the decision to find one winner incredibly tough. Photojournalism is certainly alive and well¡± Tony Chambers, Wallpaper* magazine¡¯s Editor-in-Chief 

¡°The quality and commitment evident in his photography stood out amongst the record number of entries in this years award¡± Tom Stoddart, Trustee and Photojournalist

Once again, our extremely popular and well-attended print exhibition will take place at the Getty Images Gallery in London from August 7th for two weeks showing all of the winning entries as well as an edited selection of images chosen by the judges. 

For further information about the scholarship, interviews and images please contact Rebecca McClelland Deputy Director at and visit

Our sponsors are The Sunday Times, Getty Images and Canon and our sincere thanks to the Frontline Club, Athene Design and British Journal of Photography.



Irina Werning

Aranxa Cedillo

David Høgsholt - Photography
David Høgsholt

Leonie Purchas - Photography
Leonie Purchas

Jonas Bendiksen - Photographs
Jonas Bendiksen

Zijah Gafic - Photography
Zijah Gafic

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